Pirates! Quest for Booty

On sale now for Xbox360!

Pirates! Quest for Booty

“It’s a decent sized adventure that’s totally worth a look” TheXblig.com

It’s the 17th century, the golden age of piracy in the caribbean.

Though not so golden for you, as you languish in jail at Port Crown, your meeting with the hangman’s noose only hours away. However with death staring you in the face, and the hour of reckoning upon you, an unexpected visitor appears at your cell door. It’s the governess of the island, and she makes you an offer that may save your wretched pirate neck. If you can retrieve a magical artifact for her then you will be given enough gold to while away your days in rum, revelry and “womanly relations”.

All you have to worry about in the meantime is cannibals, rival pirates, zombies and man-thirsty amazon warriors. It will draw on all your villainous skills to complete the challenge before you.

  • Battle against man, beast and 17th century warships!
  • Interact with weird and wonderful characters on your travels!
  • Many locations to explore as you sail the ocean!
  • Branching story paths!
  • Resource management!
  • Turn based battles!
  • Win gold playing Blackjack!
  • Programmer art!
  • Programmer voiceover!

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