Halloween Scream

Halloween Scream

A spooky adventure. Branching story paths, numerous locations and many puzzles to confound you!

Box art copyright Alice Blake

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Desura Digital Distribution

“Classy Interactive Storytelling At It’s Finest” OtakudGameReviews

“I recommend Halloween Scream to anyone who likes spooky stories and choose your own adventure books.” Jellyfishstation

“This is definitely a game for you to pick up if you’re planning on spending Halloween inside playing games, and at just one dollar on XBLA, you have no excuse not to” GameMuse

“A good game to play while waiting around for trick-or-treaters to come to your door” Examiner

“I used to LOVE the books that gave you decisions to make and pages to turn to depending on which decision you made. The games I’ve played never seem to be able to live up to the enjoyment I gleaned from these books. This game actually surprised me.” DannieKittensGamerZone