Dead War

Out Now!

That morning should have seen the end of me. Death row for over 6 months does strange things to the mind. I stopped fearing death. I accepted it. I even felt as though I welcomed it, just to stop the waiting. So when my final day arrived I was ready to die. But that day, although I was ready to meet death, death wasn’t ready for me.

“It takes a good amount of convincing— and quality game design— to get me excited about another zombie game. Dead War manages that and then some.”

Original music (c) Steve Foxon.

Voice acting by Matt McLeod (Captain Locke, Soldiers, Police, Additional Voices), and Francesca Janes (Kristina Denton)


dead_war_screenshot_2 dead_war_screenshot_4 dead_war_screenshot_3 dead_war_screenshot_1

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