Spotlight on Matt McLeod

Spotlight on Matt McLeod, voice actor on Dead War.

Check out his YouTube channel here ūüėČ

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Pirates! Quest for Booty review

“It’s a decent sized adventure that’s totally worth a look”¬†

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Pirates! Quest for Booty is now on sale!


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Dead War placed runner up in “theXBLIG” game of the year 2014

It’s quite an honour to be placed besides amazing games such as Survivalist, ApocZ and STRACO. Dead War is voted second best XBLIG game of 2014 by readers votes!

Coming up in 2015; Pirates! Quest for Booty on Xbox live indie games. Dead War is coming to PC!

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Dead War’s Captain Locke


Five years in Iraq. Four months in Afghanistan. Three days in hell.

“Training is useless against this kind of enemy. They don’t use cover. They don’t have any sense of self-preservation, and they don’t ever retreat. I know what it’s like to lose a comrade in battle… but what if your dead comrade then gets up and tries to kill you…?”

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Dead War’s Kristina Denton


Quick to anger. Slow to forgive. Partial to whisky, cigarettes… and guns.

Kristina will be the first one to admit her life has been a sequence of bad events caused by bad luck, bad judgement, and bad choices in her partners.

So, at 28 years old, she found herself on death row. But everyone deserves a second chance, and when Kristina’s day of execution arrived¬†she was saved by a¬†terrifying¬†turn of events. From now on she had only one purpose; she would dedicate her life to making sure her son didn’t repeat¬†her mistakes.

But first she would have to rescue¬†him…

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Dead War update 1.1 available now

If you’ve already got the game, you will now find the squad control a lot easier. When controlling your platoon of soldiers use the d-pad to given them orders as a group instead of having to do it individually.

Hint : Don’t rush in with your troops, order them to hang back as you lead the enemy towards them. The zombies will be attracted by the juiciest target (usually you!) so use that to your advantage to lead them into killing zones in front of your troops. Once all the zombies are taken care of you can move toward your objective with your squad behind you.

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Dead War update coming soon!

No sooner have the many thousands of staff working at Bandana Games overcome their wrap-party hangovers, than they are recalled to the office at short notice to make a number of changes.

A lazy coder forgot to fix the use of the dpad on the controller to properly instruct groups of followers to wait or follow. The game as it stands only allows the player to instruct allies to wait or follow individually rather than a group at a time. This means that the chapters that involve controlling your squads are much more of a hassle than they need to be.

This issue has been fixed in the upcoming patch.

Happy zombie hunting!

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REVIEW: Dead War

First review is in!


The protagonist of Bandana Games‚Äė Dead War ($1.00) is hard to get a read on. She‚Äôs on Death Row for murder at the start of the story, saved (ironically) by the onset of a zombie apocalypse. As you venture forth, you learn more about her and her background, shaping the character in subtle ways. Some of those decisions on her personality can be made by you throughout the storyline, choosing when and who to help. It‚Äôs nothing groundbreaking, but then again, it‚Äôs not often that XBLIG presents semi-complex characters in its games (let alone a zombie¬†title). This was an unexpected surprise.

It could be said that those same ‚Äėlowered expectations‚Äô might apply to the genre itself. Zombies are old hat; mindless fodder led to the slaughter against whatever vast array of weaponry you find and whatever trumped-up reasons you‚Äôre given to do so. Thankfully, Dead War trounces some‚Ķ

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Voice acting in Dead War

Spotlight on Matt McLeod, who provided the voiceover for Captain Locke and the other male characters in our latest game Dead War

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