Spotlight on Matt McLeod

Spotlight on Matt McLeod, voice actor on Dead War.

Check out his YouTube channel here 😉

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Pirates! Quest For Booty! video review!

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“Halloween Scream” now available on PC!

A double bill of horror! The Xbox live games Halloween Scream and Halloween Scream 2 have been merged into a single game and are now available on Desura!

Can you claim your inheritance and defeat the terrible curse that has afflicted your family for generations? Travel around the world solving clues and overcoming the horrors of the night in this challenging adventure!

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“Pirates! Quest for Booty” now available on PC!

Fondness for rum and looting?

Enjoy spending months in cramped spaces with other men in a leaky old ship?

Looking for more buckle in your swash?

Then head over to Desura to bring more Yo Ho Ho into your life!

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“Pirates! Quest for Booty” and “Halloween Scream” coming to a PC near you!

A feverish air of excitement has been felt rippling through the vast office complex here at Bandana Games. Yes, our company will soon be a multi-platform developer!

Coming on May 2nd Pirates! Quest for Booty will be released on Desura for download to PC. Shortly afterwards we will be releasing Halloween Scream packaged together with Halloween Scream 2 – twice the creepiness for one great price!

Following on from that we will be releasing Dead War on PC. However, we are going to spend some time giving it a damn fine polish before making it available on Windows. We will also be updating the Xbox360 version at the same time, so if you already own a copy of Dead War on Xbox Live Indie Games look out for a sweeter, slicker, shinier version coming your way soon 😉

Pirates… Vampires… Zombies… what’s not to like?

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Pirates! Quest for Booty review

“It’s a decent sized adventure that’s totally worth a look”

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Pirates! Quest for Booty is now on sale!


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